Win a Chance to see the Arkells in 2017

Fans of the Arkells, you have a chance to win a “Golden Ticket” that gives you access to any and all Arkells shows in 2017. All you have to do to enter is cover their song “My Heart’s Always Yours” and post to Twitter or Instagram using the tag #MyHeartArkells.

To help launch their contest, the band got a couple of their friends — Mother Mother and Frank Turner, to be precise — to cover the song in hopes that it will inspire their fans.

Check out the official announcement on the Arkells’ Instagram.

Watch Mother Mother:

Watch Frank Turner:

One thought on “Win a Chance to see the Arkells in 2017

  • Gross. Hate when bands try to be cheap and sneaky with fan submitted content.

    Im currently running a contest for bands to win a chance to play at my Christmas party, they send in 12 songs that they will play at the party and if they win, we’ll tell all our friends how great they were. If they don’t we keep the songs anyway.

    Sorry guys, very lame, never seeing them again!


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