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Wolfe Island Music Festival Finalizes Return With 2017 Lineup

There’s just something about a good underdog story: after going on hiatus in 2016 to recuperate from a financial hit and market over-saturation, Wolfe Island will host its quaint little fest once more. A 20 minute ferry ride from Kingston, ON and the largest of the Thousands Islands, the Wolfe Island Music Festival has always been a paragon of indie attitude – and the lineup for this year’s triumphant return is no different.

Headlined by Born Ruffians, Said the Whale, and Land of Talk, WIMF’s 2017 comeback is slated for August 11 and 12. And that indie attitude? Be sure to check out the undercard – festival director Virginia Clark is an industry powerhouse in Kingston but also keeps her ear to the ground for great upcoming talent, so you can be sure all of the acts reflect that. Clark – or Virg, as fans and colleagues alike call her – is also insistent on keeping the festival non-commercial and inclusive. There are no big-name sponsors limiting the festival’s creativity, and the tiny local township’s few bars and restaurants are all a part of the fun. (Full disclosure: I worked with Virg and WIMF while studying in Kingston, so I’m very much biased in their favour)

Early bird tickets are already available, with camping passes currently going for $130 and non-camping wristbands for $90. For more information be sure to check out the festival’s website, or follow the Wolfe Island Music Festival Facebook page. Both are constantly updated, but Virg gets especially active on the festival’s social media as excitement builds.

Full Lineup

  • Born Ruffians
  • Said the Whale
  • Land of Talk
  • Hannah Georgas
  • Dilly Dally
  • Donovan Woods
  • Un Blonde
  • Beliefs
  • The Kents
  • The Seams
  • Kasador
  • Your Boy Tony Braxton
  • Partner
  • New Swears
  • Lou Canon
  • The Franklin Electric
  • 47 Teeth
  • 1990Future
  • Emilie Steele

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