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Woman arrested for blasting her neighbours with the same music for 16 YEARS!

Imagine living on Kossuth Street in the Slovakian town of Štúrovo. Your neighbour, known only as Eva N., has thing about playing a four-minute aria from Giuseppe Verdi’s “La Traviata” sung by Placido Domingo over and over and over again. The same four-minute bit on a loop from around 6 am until about 10 pm. Every day.

And it’s not just that you can hear the music from inside her home. There are loudspeakers on the balcony so you can’t miss it.

This has been going on for sixteen years.

The citizens of Štúrovo have tried talking to her. They’ve called police. They’ve taken her to court. Nothing has worked. Placido keeps singing and singing and singing and singing.

Here’s a clip of what was heard from what locals have called the “Singing House” since Eva N. moved in back in 1999. Gawd.

Locals thought they had found some peace and quiet when a court ruled in 2015 that Eva N. had to cut it out. The music stopped for about two years, but it 2017, it started up again. And the music kept coming and coming and coming.

The case wound its way to the Slovakian Supreme Court which upheld the lower court ruling. Still, Eva N. kept up with the “La Traviata.” The Slovakian president even visited the area to hear things for himself.

Her defense? Neighbours wouldn’t do anything about a barking dog–she claims this resulted in headaches–so she had no choice but to fight back with a sonic attack. Placido was meant to cover up the dog’s barking. And yes, the dog is long gone, but the music kept playing. She also claimed that she was the true victim because her neighbours were all crazy (translate that page for enhanced craziness) and should be locked up in prison or sent to a psychiatric institution.

Finally, cops moved in. Last Monday (August 13) she was arrested and charged with harassment and malicious persecution. If she’s declared guilty, she faces up to three years in prison.


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