This Won’t Help His Band: Steven Seagal Supports Vladimir Putin

I have a grudge against Steven Seagal.

Years ago, my wife and I were trying to leave a tiny Caribbean island in order to make our international flight from the island next door.  Not only was the connection time really, really tight, but the puddle-jumper inter-island airline we were using didn’t exactly have a sterling on-time performance record.

Through serious some cajoling, we were able to get on a flight that would help us make the connection.  Everything was going smoothly:  check-in, boarding passes, security.  We were in the departure area ready to leave when in walked Seagal and his entourage, all of whom had been vacationing on the same island.  It turned out that Seagal’s crew had somehow commandeered our entire plane–a 19-seater–leaving the rest of us schlubs to hope and pray that another one would arrive in time.

We eventually made it, but that’s not the point.  I’m still angry that Steven Seagal–STEVEN SEAGAL, FER CRISSAKES–was able to pull rank on a planeload of paying customers.

This is why I’m happy to see his blues band turfed out of a music festival in Estonia.  Why? Because he’s a big fan and supporter of Vladimir Putin and the good people of that Baltic nation will have no truck with that sort of nonsense.

The takeover of Crimea? Good idea. Protecting Russian-speaking people in Eastern Ukraine with military force?  Fine with him.  Equipping pro-Russian forces with BUK surface-to-air missiles that take down 777s?  Haven’t heard anything about that one yet.

Idiot.  More on the story at The Guardian.


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