September 28, 2023

World’s Largest Aircraft Backed By A Musical Pilot

On Wednesday August 16 the world’s largest aircraft took its maiden flight. The Airlander 10, a Hybrid Air Vehicle (HAV), took a successful short flight at a UK airfield after technical difficulties kept it grounded on Sunday.

What does this have to do with music? One of the private investors in this project is Iron Maiden frontman and pilot Bruce Dickinson.

The HAV sounds pretty cool. It’s an absolutely massive aircraft, measuring 92 x 43.5 x 26 m (302 x 143 x 85 ft) and carry loads up to 10,000 kg (22,050 lb). Furthermore, it can also stay in the air up to five days with a crew or two weeks if unmanned. According to News Atlas, it “is powered by four 325-hp (242-kW), turbocharged diesel engines and uses aerodynamic lift like a conventional fixed-wing aircraft to take off, with helium keeping it aloft once it’s in the air”.

Stephen McGlennan, chief executive of HAV believes there could be 100 Airlander 10s in the air within five years, doing everything from military work and cargo transport to tourist pleasure cruises.

Maybe Ed force one will be upgraded to one of these huge aircrafts.


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