WTFest opens doors to Roxodus ticket holders

The dust continues to settle after Roxodus was abruptly canceled last month.

Now another festival is stepping up to offer the chance at free tickets as a consolation prize to those left wondering what the flip happened.

WTFest Music and Arts Festival is offering the chance at free admission to its massive show to 250 people who had purchased tickets to Roxodus.

This follows on an offer from SlamFest, which offered tickets to anyone who purchased Roxodus tickets.

WTFest, in Brantford, features a lineup of The Beaches, Ascot Royals, Bonds of Mara, USS and is headlined by The Sheepdogs.

“Brant Taxi, Snapd & Lanca Contracting LTD are all major sponsors of WTFest Music & Arts Festival. Over the weekend, the WTFest organizers reached out to these three sponsors and asked if they’d be willing to pool together some of their sponsor tickets for Roxodus ticket holders. The sponsors agreed to collectively make 250 tickets available to Roxodus fans,” the organizers said.

“If any market knows the pain of a cancelled festival, it’s Brantford,” said WTFestival president Jamie Stephens. “Our festival arose from the ashes of a festival that was cancelled here in 2012. We’re now about to have our fourth successful show because of the loyal support of our fans. We know they will welcome Roxodus fans with open arms. We’re fortunate that our event is selling well again this year and it’s a bummer when one canceled event gives Ontario’s music scene a black eye. We want to change the headlines from a negative story to something positive.”

WTFest takes place on July 27 and those interested in applying for the free tickets need to fill out a simple form.

But it’s not just fans benefitting from the kindness of the WTFest organizers.

Up to 20 Roxodus vendors will also be invited to set up their non-food tents at WTFest in 10×10 spaces.

“Summer rock festivals are a part of being Canadian,” Stephens said. “It shouldn’t just be about money. It’s about people coming together and sharing a day in the park with great Canadian music.”

More information on how to apply for free tickets is available here.

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