Yes, people are selling tickets for Taylor Swift in Toronto already. How is this possible? I will explain.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Taylor Swift will basically take over Toronto a big chunk of November 2024 that will include six shows at the Rogers Centre, which should attract somewhere north of 350,000 people.

Tickets are NOT on sale yet. But a quick search through the secondary sellers will see that tickets are already available for insane prices. StubHub will happily take over $13,000 from you for a ticket in the 100 section. Huh?

Let’s be clear: These tickets do not exist yet. The sellers are making a promise that when tickets do become available that they have connections to that will secure them. It may not be the exact ticket advertised, but the sellers say that it’ll be close. This is known as speculative ticket selling.

So where does the secondary market get their supply of tickets?

  • These companies have multiple MULTIPLE Ticketmaster accounts. When tickets go on sale, they launch a full-court press.
  • Ticket-buying bots? Most certainly.
  • Secondary sellers (and their agents) are members of fan clubs. They get a shot at tickets before the general on-sale.
  • Secondary sellers (and their agents) have memberships in all the credit card VIP programs like American Express’ Front of the Line. That also gives them an advantage when it comes to getting ahead of the general on-sale.
  • When you have a season ticket to a Blue Jays game, you also have to buy a seat license. That license gives you first dibs on that seat for any show in the venue. If you don’t plan to see Tay-Tay, why not buy a ticket anyway and flip them? The secondary market has lots of seat license holders who are only too happy to act as well-paid ticket liaisons.
  • Tickets can also be sourced from what’s known as holdbacks, tickets that are kept from general sale for the act, the promoter, the label, and the venue, Call it insider scalping.

If you feel you must buy Tay-Tay tickets NOW, just know that many fans have been ripped off by unscrupulous secondary sellers. You pays your money, you takes yer chances.

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2 thoughts on “Yes, people are selling tickets for Taylor Swift in Toronto already. How is this possible? I will explain.

  • When the only way to win is to cheat the system, the system is broken.

  • Taylor needs to speak to Robert Smith from the cure to keep tickets in the hands of fans.


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