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Yes, there’s too much music. Here’s further proof.

In the Olden Days, even the biggest record store could stock no more than 100,000 titles without going broke maintaining that kind of inventory. But in the age of streaming, there are no shelves, no stores, no warehouses, no transportation costs. The cloud will store as many songs as required.

Meanwhile, the cost and power of personal technology has made it so anyone can record and upload songs to a streaming music service. No label required. And now that we’re starting to see AI-generated music being uploaded, the firehose of new music has turned into Niagara Falls.

Luminate, the company that monitors consumption for the record music industry, just released new figures that suggest 112,000 new songs are added to the streaming platforms every day.

That’s roughly 3,360,000 new songs a month or 40,320,000 a year. That means by the end of 2023, the servers of Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and all the rest of them will be bursting with something like 150,000,000 songs.

Wanna know why your music has a hard time cutting through? There’s your answer.

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