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Yet another music movie–and this one looks weird

Towers of London was a glam punk band from the UK whose playing and attitude mirrored that of 1977 than when they were alive between 2004 and 2009.

They were kinda like Manic Street Preachers in the Rickey Manic days but with a much angrier outlook on, well, everything. Add in a little New York Dolls and some Frankie Venom recklessness and you have Towers of London.

There was Donny Tourette on vocals, Dirk Tourette on guitar, Tommy Brunette on bass, The Rev playing lead guitar and Snell on drums.

There was no middle ground with these guys. You either loved them (in which case you really, REALLY loved them) or you hated them. And I mean White. Hot. Hate.

They signed a deal with TVT records which resulted in a couple of albums along with a series of singles before it all went pear-shaped. Truth be told, though, it was downhill from the start.

The Towers of London story will soon be told in a documentary entitled Fuck It Up, something that they were very, very good at doing. This trailer illustrates what I mean. (I’d embed it for easier watching, but they’ve neglected to make the video embeddable. In other words, when it comes to spreading the word on their movie, they’ve fucked that up, too.)

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