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9 thoughts on “Yet another cover version from Robert Fripp and Toyah Wilcox

  • Thanks for the reminder on these. A pleasant surprise for a Monday.

    • It’s sad that your perversion about nature’s great feeding source replaces sensible journalism; what an asinine insult to great talent. Best to keep your creepy comments to your puerile amateur self.

      • Listen, do you think the reason these videos are getting millions of views because of the music? And that Toyah’s dress isn’t designed to get exactly this kind of attention?

        I make no judgements. I’m just reporting on what’s turned into an unusual Internet phenomenon.

        • Exactly !!
          Beautiful woman that loves to show off in front of her husband !
          They both a little kinky, but who cares !
          Its awesome !

      • So True I thought it was AWESOME

    • Re: Fripp & Willcox

      Who watches this sophomoric crap? These garage band, sorry, kitchen band, sessions are horrible and really makes one wonder about how good, or bad, King Crimson is these days. So pathetic and painful ti watch.

      • I have no idea who watches this stuff. But the traffic is HUGE!

  • Imagine be this age and have this body. Isn’t this something to be proud of? And imagine to be Robert and have this for u. What a lucky Mann.


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