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You won’t believe how much Adele is making for her Las Vegas residency (and how much tickets cost) – UPDATE: Karma has paid a visit.

When it was announced that Adele had been booked to play a residency at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, my wife started talking about us making the trip (she’s a huge fan). I hate to break to you sweetie, but we’re not going. Here’s why.

Beginning Friday (January 21), Adele will play shows every Friday and Saturday, continuing every weekend until April 16. That’s a total of 24 shows. The venue holds 4,200 people. Demand is so insane that tickets run from CAD$1,200 to over CAD$15,000 CAD$60,755 each (That’s for the January 28 show in the Orchestra section). Her take will be about CAD$900,000 per night–and that’s before any merch sales.

As of yesterday (January 18), StubHub and other secondary sellers were listing tickets for up to US$40,000. Blame is going to Caesars Palace, Ticketmaster, and Adele’s management for putting zero safeguards in place. There were no limits on the number of tickets someone could buy. But even if a human could get through, the bots swooped in and sucked up everything in seconds. (Read about that here.)

However, karma has come to visit. If you go to StubHub today, you’ll see that ticket prices have moderated significantly. You can find something in the first sections for around $1,000 and seats further back for $725. And get this: tickets are still available for opening weekend, which begins the day after tomorrow.

This means that tickets at the Caesars Palace box office are all gone and now the secondary sellers are left holding the bag. Adele and Casesars have their money. The secondary sellers will have to be very flexible so they don’t lose money.

Between shows, she will have a private suite with a butler that goes for over CAD$50,000 a night. She’ll also be furnished with a chauffeur, an executive assistant, a personal casino executive (whatever that means), and all the security she needs. Meanwhile, she and all her guests will be able to eat for free at any Caesars resort.

Is this CAD$900,000 a night a record? Apparently not.

Lady Gaga reportedly earned the same for her residency at the MGM Park Theatre between 2017 and 2019. Bruno Mars brought in CAD$1.3 million in 2019. And there’s a story that Rod Stewart made CAD$3.2 million per show at the Colosseum back in 2021.

More here.

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One thought on “You won’t believe how much Adele is making for her Las Vegas residency (and how much tickets cost) – UPDATE: Karma has paid a visit.

  • Alan – has there ever been an investigation to the connection and kickbacks? I.e. tickets ‘go on sale’ immediately taken off the market and moved to secondary market, where then Ticketmaster, the venue, promoter, management, artist etc, get more than the advertised price of the ticket? I find it hard to believe in ‘bots’ all the time especially w all the hoops a normal buyer has to go through to verify captchas and visuals etc. entering credit card info.

    Is it that they are simply moved immediately? The linked article you posted says there are kickbacks, so what is the true connection to secondary markets?


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