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YouTube’s New Verification Rules Mean What Exactly?

Being verified is an important part of being an artist on YouTube. They are change those rules. Is that a good thing?

YouTube is making it harder to get verified on its platform, a move that is expected to strip a number of creators of the status.

The Google-owned platform published a blog post Thursday announcing the changes, calling it an effort to “reduce confusion about what being verified means.” The company explained that, through research, it found that people associated the checkmark with “an endorsement of content, not identity.” 

So what does that mean for some creators?

The new rules also mean that some channels will lose their verification status, causing concern among the creator community about the loss of status. Already, several creators have posted to Twitter that they received notification that they would be losing their verification. (They will have the opportunity to appeal before the change is implemented.) 

YouTuber, Machiazelli “MacDoesIt” Kahey, whose channel boasts nearly 2 million followers and a verification status, voiced his frustration with the policy on Twitter: “You guys literally use my face on your socials on a constant basis what do you mean you’re taking away my verification?” he captioned a screenshot of the message about his verification status from YouTube. 

There’s much more on this at Billboard.

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