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10 Bands That Have Been Making the Same Song/Album for YEARS

You can call them one trick ponies or you can rationalize that if it ain’t broke, they probably shouldn’t fix it. In any case, when some bands find a winning formula, they stick with it. Here are some of those bands.

1. AC/DC have been rocking the same well rocked path for decades. I mean, just look at this selection of song titles: “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll),” “For Those About To Rock (We Salute You),” “Don’t Stop Rockin’ (Unless You Wanna Get Rocked),” “Rock Times Rock (to the Power of Rock),” “Rock Rock Rock (Rock the Rock)…” fine, most of those song titles are made up, but you get the point.

2. The biggest change Celtic-influenced punk band Dropkick Murphys ever made might have been replacing original lead vocalist Mike McColgan with Al Barr, and that happened in 1998.

3. Nickelback. ‘Nuff said.

4. I’m one of the Slayer faithful, but let’s face it: Slayer always sounds pretty much like Slayer always sounds.

5. The story of the Ramones, the band and the brand, didn’t include much deviation. That might be one reason why Dee Dee went crazy enough to release that hip hop album.

6. Coldplay like to include very Coldplay-ish trademarks in most or all of their songs.

7. Cake keep going back to the well of funky basslines, sarcastic, monotone lead vocals, yelled background vocals, and trumpet solos, but you probably would too if you knew where it was.

8. They’ve tried to shake things up every so often with collaborations and such, but Korn really have spent their career making Korn album after Korn album. They’re good at it, I guess.

9. If you put a Mumford & Sons album on in the background while hanging out with someone who’s not a fan, he or she probably won’t be able to tell you afterwards whether or not it was just the same song on repeat. They’re going electric on their next album, so we’ll see how much of a difference that makes when Wilder Mind comes out in May.

10. I couldn’t end this list without Motorhead.

Who else should be on this list?

9 thoughts on “10 Bands That Have Been Making the Same Song/Album for YEARS

  • Ommission : Bon Jovi, rocking same song formula, and frosted tips, since 85 😉

  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers

  • The offspring has used the same rhythm each time

  • ZZ Top. every song has the exact same structure, just like Cake.
    I’m hearing that AC/DC quip where Angus(?) said ‘people say we have 12 albums that all sound the same. We don’t, we have 13’.

  • U2 since after Zooropa and Aerosmith since after they were relevant

    • U2? Seriously? While it’s impossible for them (or any band for that matter) to not sound like themselves, they’ve had one of the more eclectic runs in popular music.

  • Totally agree, even though I like many of the bands on that list.

    Add Foo Fighters to the list.

  • Where is KISS?

    I still love Dropkick Murphy’s and the Ramones.


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