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7–No, 6!–Cool Songs About Superheros

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with “Batdance,” but here are some songs that are rousing or otherwise provocative in the manner of the superhero stories that inspired them.

1. Crash Test Dummies‘ 1991 debut single “Superman’s Song” is a beautiful musical tribute and probably the greatest song ever written about the Man of Steel.

2. You think being the Hulk is all fun and smash? The Traits understood that it’s not easy being the green guy, and they put it down in a song called “Nobody Loves the Hulk.”

3. Nerd rock band Kirby Krackle tell the Green Lantern story in the very nerdy and very rocking “Ring Capacity” from their sophomore album E FOR EVERYONE!

4. You know Wolverine has probably always wanted a metal song written about him, and Entombed came through with the title track to their 1993 album Wolverine Blues.

5. In “The Ballad of Barry Allen,” Jim’s Big Ego put themselves in the head of the fastest man alive.

6. Anthrax’s “I Am the Law” is a fitting tribute to Judge Dredd. Respect the badge.

[I wanted to include Black Sabbath and “Iron Man,” but I was told that this doesn’t count because the song has nothing to do with the comic book character. But I’m putting it in anyway. – AC]

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5 thoughts on “7–No, 6!–Cool Songs About Superheros

  • Jimmy Olsens Blues by the Spin Doctors. It’s about the title character in the song and his unrequited love for Lois Lane.

  • Superman Meets the Man of Steel. By Chalk Circle. 1985 or so? Great cancon.

  • That’s Really Super, Supergirl – XTC (From Skylarking, 1986)

    Adam Warrock – Nightcrawlin’

    “First I’m over here, then I’m over there
    Then I’m in your ears, so better listen, dear
    As I’m crawin’ through the night reachin’ towards the light
    Coz it’s not the way you look, it’s the way that you fight!”


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