A good question: What are we supposed to do with Michael Jackson, Morrissey and Ryan Adams?

When we learned about horrible/illegal/immoral activities perpetrated by a favourite artist, what’s the appropriate reaction? Do we erase them from our lives or do we make an effect to separate the music from the person?

This is the question tackled by Mike Henry at Hypebot.

“I’m rarely stumped when a radio station client asks me whether they should play an artist or song, or not. That’s what I’m paid to do. The answer is simple, a mix of art and science. Does it sound great (art) and will listeners like it (science)? Lately, though, I’ve been baffled, and it has nothing with whether a song sounds great or listeners like it.

“A recent email from a music director read: “Where do we go from here? Clearly, this isn’t going to get easier.” He was referring to Morrissey and whether his station should play his music anymore and included a link to a recent interview where Morrissey only increased the specter of his racist views rather than thwarted them. Among his quotes that disturbed me was, “Everyone ultimately prefers their own race … does this make everyone racist?”

“All the stations I consult pulled Ryan Adams songs when it was reported that he allegedly has abused women. I agreed and openly supported their decisions. Now I ask myself, as with Morrissey, was that the right thing to do?”

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7 thoughts on “A good question: What are we supposed to do with Michael Jackson, Morrissey and Ryan Adams?

  • Dogshit article.

    • Honestly same, especially of you have to ASK US what you should do. Can you think for yourself? Did you only agree because you wanted to follow steps on Ryan Adams? What differentiates him from Morrissey in your opinion… Or is this why you are asking us for help?

      ALSO why is Michael Jackson not tagged on this post even though he is mentioned on the title? Okurrrr

      • You sound like some incel cuck fuck boy piece of shit.

  • Step off Morrissey, he is saying what most rational people think. Preferring the company of your own race isn’t racist, it is a matter of preference. I prefer to spend

  • Wow. You limped all three together. Two of them not accused of anything but being a dick and divas with an alleged child molester. Way to go picking up a shitty poorly written article of a 2 rated website. You are no different as them by spreading alleged accusations. Should we weight an article of slander ?


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