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A list of cool music news items you may have missed when this website was down

Yes, we’re up and running again after nearly two weeks issues with our web hosting service. It was THEIR fault we were down, not ours. And yes, we’re looking for someone else.

Throughout the whole ordeal, I saved music news items in a folder called “After the Crash.” Let’s get caught up on what we should have provided to you this month. We’ll call this music news for May 11, 2019.

  1. Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons discusses his battle with an autoimmune disorder.
  2. Guns N’ Roses is taking legal action over a craft beer called Guns ‘N’ Rosé.
  3. The superstars of music are the new 1-percenters. See?
  4. Ed Sheeran is now richer than Adele.
  5. Nearly 40,000 tracks are being added to Spotify every day. That works out to 280,000 tracks a week or 1.2 million a month. To put it another way, it would take over 83 days of straight listening just to make it through all the new songs Spotify adds in a single 24 hour period.
  6. Spotify is now inserting podcasts into personalized playlists.
  7. About 2 billion people log on to YouTube every month–and a surprising number of people are watching YouTube videos through their televisions.
  8. Still with YouTube, 500 hours of new content are being uploaded every minute.
  9. The fastest-growing genre worldwide is…metal.
  10. NOFX is going to release an album of nothing but the band’s stage banter.
  11. Country star Chris Stapleton was killed during Season 8/Episode 3 of Game of Thrones. He says it was cool being an undead extra.
  12. A recording featuring nothing but bird songs did strangely well on the UK singles charts.
  13. Rock’n’roll real estate porn.
  14. And more rock’n’roll real estate porn.
  15. More labels are offering more albums in Hi-Res Audio. Good.
  16. And so is Napster. Again, good.
  17. Need a depressing album? Here are 40 of them.
  18. Brian Doherty of Big Wreck needs your help with his cancer care. Donate here.
  19. K-pop: the sex scandal grows.
  20. The 25 highest-selling singles of all time.
  21. Sharon? You okay?
  22. Want better audio with Netflix? Look at this.
  23. Here’s what kind of music English people are asking to be played at their funerals
  24. …while the Scots have some different ideas on the matter.
  25. That was one long DJ set.
  26. Noise pollution could be the next big health crisis.
  27. A big Canadian concert ticket scammer has been arrested.
  28. Twitter is looking at ways of getting deeper into the music experience.
  29. And the best automobile infotainment system comes from
  30. Here were my weekly music picks for from last week.
  31. And I wrote this about Woodstock 50 for Global News.
  32. Meanwhile, Woodstock will get a 38-disc 36-hour box set. And that’s just for the 1969 festival.
  33. Billy Joel’s neighbours want to ban his helicopter.
  34. Rolling Stone is launching some music charts to compete with Billboard.
  35. There will be a 40th-anniversary edition of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures.
  36. Here’s how Kurt Cobain continues to influence hip-hop.
  37. As national anthem performances go, this one was pretty bad.
  38. Did you know that Bono’s investment partner got busted in the Great American College Admissions Scandal? Yep.
  39. This writer is NOT a fan of Apple’s AirPods on environmental grounds.
  40. And here are two episodes of Often Forgotten Canadian Hard Rock Bands: Winter Rose and Alias.
  41. This guitar allows you to play music and smoke weed. It’s guitar! It’s a pipe! It’s both!

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