Black Sabbath is Offering a Tour CD That Was Recorded in Hamilton

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I’d like to think that right now, somewhere between Detroit and Montreal, thousands of people are raising their plastic beer cups, as they sing their bittersweet goodbyes to the band that lit the way for heavy metal, then set it aflame behind them.

Any and all metal successors would agree that Black Sabbath will be THE tough act to follow once September rolls around, and they finish up their final world tour, entitled The End, an obvious name choice or a painful reminder…you decide.

Fans around the world are questioning if there’s any truth to Sabbaths “this is it” prophetic promise. Understandable, considering they’ve been an active band and kicking all ass for over forty years. Why stop now? They birthed a sound and continuously reinvented it, they opened doors along with the floodgates for many other bands to surface. Without the sound of Sabbath, rock staples like Metallica, Pantera and Gun’s N Roses would never have spawned. Maybe they’ve nothing left to teach us, cueing them to wrap it up and know they’ve done good.

“It’s not one of those final tours, but we give it five years and then do another one. This is it for Black Sabbath” assures Ozzy. “It’s the last tour, it is a once in a lifetime, cause there’s not going to be another Black Sabbath tour” the Prince of Darkness says, as he nails the coffin shut on the matter.

Nineteen studio albums and a handful of live ones, should do the trick for any hardcore Sabbath fans feeling the slightest bit parched during the upcoming Black Sabbath drought, and if that’s not enough to quench your thirst for more, you have until September 21st 2016 to find a city and a concert ticket, to not only see the band live, but get your hands on their limited edition eight song CD, sold exclusively at their shows.

With eight unheard, unreleased tracks, it just might be like listening to them for the first time thirty odd years ago, during an era where your fathers record player had never heard “the devils music” and your hair had never met scissors.

The first four tracks on the CD are outtakes from their 19th studio album 13, released in 2013. The remaining songs are live versions of God is Dead, End of the Beginning, and Age of Reason, also from 13, and Under the Sun from their fourth studio album Vol 4.

The CD will have Canadian fans feeling a sense of pride with the release. Two of the live tracks, End of the Beginning and Age of Reason are both recent recordings from Black Sabbaths show in Hamilton Ontario, on April 11th 2014. Hamilton! Ya I said!  Countless performances under their belt, yet something about their set that day made the cut. And we’re not complaining, just one more reason why being Canadian makes you cool, well… to Black Sabbath anyway. And if you were lucky enough to nab tickets to that show, then it’s probably your duty as a Sabbath fan to get yourself a copy.  It’s a piece of rock history that you get to be a part of.  Black Sabbaths last album and you’re on it? Pretty cool. Looks like you’ve  got some farewell tickets to score. No pressure.

And what kind of Sabbath CD would it be, if it didn’t come packing some serious album  artwork?

“I’m very sad that Black Sabbath, one of the greatest bands of all time, is currently on their final tour ever. However, I was very happy when the band asked me to create a tee shirt and poster design for their ‘The End’ tour” gushes Shepard Fairey, a long time Sabbath fan and the American street artist famous for his Barack Obama “Hope” poster and his clothing line OBEY. Aside from collaborating with Fairey, “Black Sabbath will celebrate artists each night of the tour by commissioning exclusive posters for each market on The End tour” according to the bands official website.

A new CD, original band members, sixty shows booked around the world, throw in an eerie light show and some creepy visuals and I’d say Sabbath gathered all key ingredients for a proper farewell tour.

“It’s great to start and finish with the same people” Tony Iommi says.

On Friday the 13th 1970, Black Sabbath emerged from the darkness, determined to scare the crap out of those brave enough to purchase their first album. And now, nearly five decades later, fans and followers alike will bid the band adieu and have the ability to complete their Sabbath CD collection, making it an even 20 with the exclusive release of The End. Get your tickets while you can metal heads, for The End is definitely nigh.

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