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Canada will compete in Eurovision 2023. Here’s an example of what we will face. You will be confused.

I completely understand if you have not ever been into the Eurovision Song Contest. After all, it’s way over there, and given the media coverage it received on this side of the Atlantic, it’s hard to follow. Hell, you couldn’t even find it on regular TV Saturday afternoon. I watched the finals on a glitchy YouTube live stream. And glad I did because Eurovision is totally batshit crazy. If you missed the 2022 action, I’ve summarized things for you here.

Twenty-five nations competed this year (Russia was kicked out because–well, you know) including Australia, which, the last time I checked, is very, very, very, very far away from Europe. Next year, another country far away will join the party: Canada.

Yep. For the purposes of the Eurovision song contest, we will become part of Europe, complete with all the voting rights and privileges that come along with that. Best you become informed about what we will face.

Here, for example, is Norway’s 2022. Subwoolfer’s song was “Give That Wolf a Banana.”

And then there are entries like this.

Oh, and there’s more. Much, much more.

Time to study up, Canada. Eurovision is coming for us.

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3 thoughts on “Canada will compete in Eurovision 2023. Here’s an example of what we will face. You will be confused.

  • This is a very inaccurate article. Canada will not be joining Eurovision. We have our own spinoff.

  • Correct, Canada will have its own version of Eurovision, but the winner of the song contest will not necessarily be invited to participate in Eurovision next year.

  • Absolutely – most of the Eurovision Canada info has been totally inaccurate! Canada is not part of the Eurovision European competition like Australia. Canada has not applied to join Eurovision Europe. The participating countries for 2023 have been announced and Canada is not on the list. Canadians will be able to vote with other non-member countries and not as part of Eurovision Europe as Australians.


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