Chris Cornell’s Stalker is Missing. This is Not Good.

The FBI is usually pretty good at keeping track of people they’re supposed to. The keyword there being usually. Unfortunately for Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, the Bureau has lost track of his stalker. On Wednesday, the feds told Cornell that his stalker Jessica Robbins has gone missing and the fear is she could show up at one of his concerts.

In 2014, Robbins was charged with stalking Cornell after sending hundreds of online threats to the music and his family. According to TMZ, she also once drove seven hours to try break into Cornell’s home.

Using a number of different usernames, Robbins posted over 100 messages per day that frightened Chris Cornell and his wife Vicky. The couple even pulled their two young children out of school. The Daily Mail reports that “obsession began in either 2008 or 2009 after Robbins approached Cornell at an event and asked if he’d ‘received her manuscripts.’” She then accused Cornell of plagiarism and his wife of using drugs and abusing their children.

In 2014, after being arrested, a court in Tampa Bay, Florida ruled that Robbins “must stop contacting the family, terminate her internet access and wear [a] GPS ankle monitor”. The FBI lost track of her after she removed the ankle monitor. She missed a New York federal court appearance and the FBI believe that she could show up at one of Cornell’s concerts, still determined to interfere with the singer.

Cornell has two upcoming shows within driving distance of Tampa Bay, where Robbins was last known to be. One is in Clearwater and the other in Jacksonville. Florida authorities are working with US Marshals to find Robbins. Hopefully, she will be found before either of those shows and Cornell and his family can rest at ease again.

Currently, Cornell is on his solo Higher Truth world tour.

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