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Craving Better Audio Fidelity from Your Devices? Take a Look at Aftermaster Pro

I had lunch with a bunch of audio geeks today–serious people who produce music and outfit studios–and the conversation inevitably turned to the issue of audio fidelity. Or rather, the lack of it.

“My kid is fine with the crappy sound of MP3s,” said the guy at the other end of the table, “and their father is a studio engineer who agonized over the last dB!”

“Mine, too,” said another. “I have $10,000 worth of stereo gear so they know what good sound is–but they’re still okay with listening to music through the speakers of their laptops!”

“How can we educate this new generation on this idea of high-fidelity?” moaned another.

Great question. I can’t answer that. But maybe there are some steps that we can take to make sure that we can squeeze the best sound out of whatever devices we have–including (and especially!) the ones our kids use.

Behold the Aftermaster Pro which promises to “transform the audio of your TV, phone, headphones, laptop, and virtually any audio enabled device.”

Okay. Tell me more.

Here it is in action.

And again.

I’ve asked for a demo unit. I gotta hear for myself in my own home.

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One thought on “Craving Better Audio Fidelity from Your Devices? Take a Look at Aftermaster Pro

  • Accuracy is all that matters. The demos display the very worst type of obfuscation of accuracy by increasing the volume of the processed playback. Higher volume playback always and without exception makes you think that the sound is better. This company is composed of charlatans, not audio engineers. Beware.


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