Further Proof That Dave Grohl Will Work with Anybody

Let’s make a quick list of all the people Dave Grohl has appeared/played/recorded with outside of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters.  

I know I’m going to miss something, so please help out:


  1. Them Crooked Vultures:  Self-explanatory
  2. Lemmy:  The Probot project, among others.
  3. Nine Inch Nails:  Drums on several songs on With Teeth
  4. Killing Joke:  Recorded and toured with on drums.
  5. Mike Watt:  Appears on Ball-Hog or Tugboat?
  6. King Diamond:  Probot again
  7. Cronos from Venom:  More Probot
  8. Max Cavalera from Sepultura:  Still more Probot
  9. Tommy Iommi:  Drums and vocals on “Goodbye Lament” from Tommy’s 2001 solo album
  10. Tenacious D:  Appeared in the video for “Tribute”
  11. Cat Power:  Helped on the album You Are Free.
  12. Queens of the Stone Age:  Recorded with them on Songs for the Deaf and drummed on subsequent tour.
  13. Garbage:  Vocals on “Bad Boyfriend” on 2005 album Bleed Like Me.
  14. Davie Bowie:  Guitar on “I’ve Been Waiting for You” on the Heathen album.
  15. Prodigy:  Drums on two songs on Invaders Must Die.
  16. Slash:  Drums on “Watch This” on Slash’s solo album.
  17. Cage the Elephant:  Some live gigs subbing in for drummer Jared Champion after he suffered from a burst appendix.


What did I miss?  Right.  Ratt.

Dave’s latest plan is to record with two guys from the 80s hair metal band.  I can’t even imagine. Meanwhile, enjoy some vintage Ratt.

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14 thoughts on “Further Proof That Dave Grohl Will Work with Anybody

  • He played live with Tom Petty shortly after Nirvana for a bit. I don't think he made it on any albums, but was there for an SNL gig at least.

  • He also played on a Juliette Lewis album

  • Aw wow, I used to love me a bit of Ratt. Does this mean there's hope that Dokken might still make a comeback?

  • Didn't he play drums on a song on that odds and sods Michael Jackson album that came out in late '10? Think so.

  • He worked with Brian May on a cover of Have a Cigar on the M:I 2 soundtrack, and if live stuff counts, he played with Roger Waters on Letterman last year?

  • FOO FIGHTERS were musical guest on SNL a few years back and Dave appeared in a Digital Short called Punching People While They're Eating. Pretty Hilarious actually.

  • He played with Pearl Jam in Australia for a few shows in early 1998.

  • He didn't just appear in the video for Tenacious D's 'Tribute'; he played drums on the entire album, as well as drums on the entire Pick Of Destiny album.

  • Don't forget playing on Puff Daddy's remix of "All about the Benjamins".

  • He played in a fake band called Crisis of Conformity – with Ashton Kutcher and Fred Armison – on the IFC show Portlandia last season.


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