Good List: 20 Major Music Stars Who Aren’t Stars in America (Or Canada, for That Matter)

America tends to be a bit myopic when it comes to the rest of the world.  You know, the “If it t’ain’t ‘Murican, then ah don’t give a shit” kind of attitude.  Granted, that’s a sweeping generalization, but given that citizens of the US live in a large country with 310 million-ish souls, you can see how many would think that all their needs are satisfied within their own borders.

And let’s not be too smug here in Canada.  There’s plenty of music we are either unaware of or ambivalent to.  Music is a global thing and just because you’re not charting in the US (or Canada) doesn’t mean you aren’t a star elsewhere.  I mean, how many major UK artists fly completely under our radars?

Which brings me to this list from Business Insider.  It details 20 giant overseas music stars that are almost completely unknown in North America.  Ever hear of AKB48?  Soda Stereo? 5 Seconds of Summer? Herbert Grönemeyer?  Eppu Normaali?  The Tragically Hip?  (Oops–but yes, they’re on the list as a band who is huge here but a cult act in America.)

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2 thoughts on “Good List: 20 Major Music Stars Who Aren’t Stars in America (Or Canada, for That Matter)

  • I’m always surprised how much CanCon (including indie) I hear/ see on US public and college radio playlists.

  • Surprised they listed Rain instead of G Dragon for South Korea. Rain is still popular, but GD is absolutely massive right now.


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