Heard of Alex Day? He’s Sold 500K Songs and Has 100 Million Views on YouTube

Here’s a dude that really understands the future of music.  

From the TuneCore blog:

Alex Day, a 23 year-old musician from Essex, England is focused on releasing music that puts listeners in a good mood. And it seems to be working. He has over 500,000 YouTube subscribers, over 500,000 songs sold, almost 100 million youtube views, and was the subject of two recent Forbes articles. Read on as the pop artist talks about how his YouTube channel has seen such rapid growth, why he just released several singles at once, and how he feels about being called “the future of music.”

Without using any “conventional” genre words, describe your sound.
Bouncy happy fun-loving pop music to dance and feel good to :)

Congratulations on those back to back articles in Forbes! How does it feel to be called “the future of music?”
Thank you, and it feels brilliant! I’m not doing things to try and be contrary or get attention, I’m just releasing music in a way that makes sense and works for me, so it’s nice that other people support my decisions (and publicly so).

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One thought on “Heard of Alex Day? He’s Sold 500K Songs and Has 100 Million Views on YouTube

  • July 30, 2012 at 9:44 am

    Reminds me a little of ELO from the 70s. There's always stuff like this. It's just a matter if the timing is right for people to embrace it. Another UK band called The Feeling a few years ago had a similar sound, but no one really cared


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