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How alternative are you? This site will give you a rating

Many alt-rock fans pride themselves on having exquisite tastes in music. You know, the kind that wear t-shirts like this.

Somehow, the more obscure your musical preferences, the more superior you can feel to your fellow alt-rock fans.

Now you can put your tastes to the test. A site called Obscurify will analyze your music and give you a percentage indicating your alternative-ness.

How? It looks at the popularity of your Spotify choices and how often you play your favourites. The result is an “obscurity rating,” which, if you follow this line of thinking, indicates your ranking as an alt-rock fan in ten categories.

Okay, I’ll bite. Here’s my score.

Is that good? Does it matter? Is this a contest? Do I win a prize?

Alan Cross

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3 thoughts on “How alternative are you? This site will give you a rating

  • 97% — I suspect largely because of the amount of Canadian artists I listen to.

  • 98% — it’s the industrial/synthpop. Seabound on there gets 0 stars! (It looks like each star adds a point to your rating).

    I remember Alan posted this ages ago, but at the time it didn’t seem to work for anyone. It’s fun!

  • Love Obscurify. I’m in the US, which now has about 460k users. I scored 100% and with 65/70 scores on current/all time artists.


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