An Interview with Ian Astbury of The Cult

Ian’s thirty years into a music career and has no intention of slowing down.  He recently sat down with Esquare magazine to talk about the current and future state of the Cult.

Ian Astbury of The Cult is something of a paradox. He’s had huge success as a leather-clad, stage-humping Morrison-esque rock star while enchanting throngs of music lovers with his early post-punk, gothic caroling. Last year his band released a new album, Choice of Weapon, and this year they celebrated an old one (1987’sElectric) on the “Electric 13” tour that just wrapped this month.We talked to Astbury before he took the stage at a concert in New Jersey, and he revelaed himself to be a down-to-earth, convivial, and funny guy who loves Yohji Yamamoto and Nikes. He spoke candidly about music, his views on fashion, and what it means to be a rock star today.

ESQ: So, Morrissey released his autobiography, and in it he mentions his early days playing in a band with [Cult guitarist] Billy Duffy. Have you read it, and if so, what did you think?

IA: I have no interest in it.

ESQ: No interest at all?

IA: No interest whatsoever. You’d have to ask Billy about that. I have no connection to him. I mean, I admire The Smiths, certainly, and Morrissey as well, but the only moment I ever had with Morrissey was when he did Your Arsenal with Mick Ronson producing, which I thought was an exceptional record. In terms of autobiographies, I’ve got Mike Tyson’s autobiography right now. I’m much more interested in Mike Tyson than I am in Morrissey.

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