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KIALLA is releasing a coronavirus album created in real time

We’ve all seen the artists live-streaming performances in the past week, an effort to remain sharp and creative while providing fans starved for concerts with some tunes. 

One band is going to a whole new level, creating an ongoing album through the coronavirus epidemic.

KIALLA, a Russian-Iranian duo, has kicked off a “Kovid-19 Marathon,” aiming to introduce a new song every three days for the duration of the quarantine. 

They’ll be inviting other musicians to participate to “keep the energy flow going,” the band says. 

“It is a celebration of life, as long as we are all here on this planet, we need to create. And as challenging as it is to create under pressure, that’s the only thing that makes sense right now.” 

From the sound of things, this is going to be a kind of concept album, not just in the sense that it will be created in real time, but it will also feature themes and elements from pop culture. 

“The first track of the collection takes place within the Mortal Kombat fighting video game settings. The song is named after the fictional character Kenshi, who is a rogue swordsman with psychokinetic powers.” 

The band says the song is “like going through the unknown with our eyes closed. All we can rely on is our inner-selves as the year unfolds and transforms reality into a post-apocalyptic scenario.” 

The first song can be checked out here. 

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