Looking for “Best of” Music Lists for 2014? Here are 573 of Them, All in One Place

That Eric Alper apparently has lots of free time over the holidays because he’s been diligently compiling a list of “best-of” music lists for 2014. As I type this, his list features 573 of the things–and that could still grow by the end of the year.

Such an archive begs for someone to crunch all the data to tease out all the fascinating statistics that must lie within. Any mathematicians or data miners up for the job? Let me start you with this:

Album of the Year: Frozen: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Song of the Year: Dark Horse by Katy Perry
Song of the Summer: Fancy by Iggy Azalea
Fastest Growing Genre: Soundtracks (Frozen, Guardians of the Galaxy, Despicable Me 2, The Lego Movie and The Great Gatsby soundtracks)

(Including music searches only.)
No. 1: Beyonce
No. 2: Miley Cyrus
No. 3: Katy Perry
No. 4: Britney Spears
No. 5: Justin Bieber
No. 6: Jennifer Lopez
No. 7: Selena Gomez
No. 8: Taylor Swift
No. 9: Nicki Minaj
No. 10: Carrie Underwood

Most-streamed artists in the U.S.
No 1. Eminem
No 2. Drake
No 3. Kanye West
No. 4. Lana del Rey
No. 5. Ariana Grande

Top Five Global Artists
No. 1. Ed Sheeran
No. 2. Eminem
No. 3. Coldplay
No. 4. Calvin Harris
No. 5. Katy Perry

Continue on.  You could be here for a while.

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