Lorde Covers Phil Collins at the BBC

Lorde is a pervasive presence when she performs. This small snippet of “In The Air Tonight” gives us a great sense of her power.

Discussing Collins with Radio 1 host Clara Amfo before she played her cover, Lorde said: “I think I was aware of him as a kid but it wasn’t until I got older that I really realised how magical he was. I went through this crazy journey of all the Genesis stuff and all his own records. He’s such a pioneer. His melodies and his drums – I’m just so inspired by him and he pushes me to be better.”

Lorde added: “I haven’t [met him]. I think I would just melt into a little pool. He’d be like: ‘Oh no, there’s a little pool in front of me.’”

She also performed “Green Light”

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