More Music From The Inbox 2 Oct 2013 Tom Barrow, T.O.M. Project, Tim Bristow and More

By Larry Lootsteen

Artist: Tom Barrow, “Stuck In Shudehill”  

Album: Tom Barrow 


A brilliant debut from this Manchester-based singer/songwriter.

Sounds like:  Morrissey meets the 50’s and then some



Artist: T.O.M. Project, “Outside”  

Album: The Selfish Love Manifesto 


Off to Italy this time for an impressive blast.

Sounds like:  The darkness obscuring the light



Artist: Tim Bristow, “This Road Before”

Album: N/A


From the lovely sounding Tewksbury in the UK, nothing short of gorgeous sounds…

Sounds like:  Beauty, pure and simple



Artist: Strangeways, “What You Fancy”

Album: N/A


Manchester-based  and such an interesting sound

Sounds like:  A bit of simple punk meets some alternative feel


Artist: Shadow Factories, “Forgetting Your Name”

Album: N/A


Lancaster, in the North-west of England brings us this amazing collection of sounds.

Sounds like:  Raw, bluesy, real.



Artist: Starlit Everglades, “Blue Sky Fish

Album: Psalm of Planets


A wonder, Tokyo-based, shoegaze band

Sounds like:  Watching sparkles of sun dance on wave crests in slow motion


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