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More Music From The Inbox 17 Jan 2018 Sh$%thole Edition

In honour of the President of the United States recent pronouncement on certain places, I thought I’d share some music that I like from those places. Welcome to the sh$%hole edition of More Music From The Inbox!

Artist: OVNI, “Tu Necesidad”

Album: Aterrizaje

Great band out of el Salvador

Sounds like:  classic alt rock


Artist: Yohann, “Boulem Vivan”

Album: N/A

Fantastic rock sounds out of Haiti

Sounds like:  living in the moment


Artist: Koinange Street Avengers, “School”

Album: Koinange Street Avengers

Exciting stuff out of Kenya

Sounds like:  we all learn one way or the other


Artist: Prime Circle, “Class Clowns”

Album: If You Don’t Know You Never Will

Great sounds out of Johannesburg

Sounds like:  growing up


Artist: TCIYF, “Stoners Intro”

Album: The Cum

These thrash punkers out of Soweto bring me joy

Sounds like:  sit back, relax


Artist: Politik, “Rage On”

Album: Tell Me The Answer

Awesome alt-rockers out of Cape Town

Sounds like:  something you just have to do.


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