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More Music from the Inbox, March 18, 2014: WC Lindsay, Kill Matilda, Cerebal Ballzy, The Fauns, Roman Remains

By Scott Jones

Artist: W.C. Lindsay

EP: Easy Victim, Charitable Deceptions

WC Lindsay


What we have here on this featured cut is soulful and insightfully-rapped vocals, followed by an uplifting chorus that altogether is backed by a soundscape worthy of holding up a lighter in the night sky. (Or a cell phone, whatever generation you belong to). This musical trio will have you pondering all of life’s questions, as a smart band should.

Sounds like: A band searching for guidance, while at the same time, able to provide it.


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Artist: Kill Matilda

EP: #Punk#Zombie#Rocknroll

Kill Matilda


One thing is for certain about Kill Matilda’s lead vocalist Dusty Exner: She. Spits. FIRE. The Vancouver punk act brings back the days of intense, nonchalant violence in their music and lyrics.  Old-school, horror-filled hardcore is all over in this band’s blood and guts, and that’s just enough to keep the spirit of the genre alive.  They’re comin’ to get ya!

Sounds like: Traditional, rage-filled hardcore not to be taken lightly.


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Artist: Cerebral Ballzy

Album: Jaded and Faded

Cerebral Ballzy


Here we have another hardcore act, straight and to the point. Fast and frenetic rhythms are crashing against each other while Honor Titus is spewing sleazy vocals on the mic.  It’s a brief tune. But the great thing about punk is that it’s never overblown. Bands will say what needs to be said, no matter how brief the statement is.

Sounds like: A proper PSA that reminds you to wear a helmet when skateboarding down a mountain.


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Artist: The Fauns

Album: Lights

Fauns 2


Reminiscent of a droning, yet dynamic sound more prevalent in the late 80s-early 90s than now, and drawing upon cues from the all-time icons during this era while putting their own modern spin on shoegaze is a surefire way to keep the music alive and well. Lee Woods provides a soothing guitar melody, while Alison Garner’s voice shimmers over top of the pulsating bass of Michael Savage, but the unsung hero and the ingredient that propels the music is drummer Tom Adams who drives the rhythm home.

Sounds like: Post-modern intensity deserving of surround sound


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Artist: Roman Remains

Album: Zeal

Roman Remains

The sounds emanating from this track provide a pensive but energetic blend of rocking but also danceable rhythms, electronic gadgetry and soulfully emotional vocals. Roman Remains is truly an act that can fit nicely through loudspeakers at just about any kind of musical venue.  Granted, that’s no easy task, but groups such as this who make multiple genres connect are sure to garner a well-deserved fanbase.

Sounds like: Alternative digital pop-rock


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