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New Music from the Inbox: Alice Phoebe Lou, Deryk, Mina Tindle, and more!

Artist: Alice Phoebe Lou
Song: Dusk
Album: Glow

This mellow and bubbly song is about “an ode to friendship and feeling the deepest sense of intimacy & care for another person. the kind of friendship that is uncompetitive, based in mutual respect & admiration. full of adventure & possibilities.” Find it on Alice Phoebe Lou’s third album, Glow, out March 19!


Artist: Harry Jay-Steele
Song: Reach You

This track is refreshingly percussive and rhythmic, with soft vocals set on a stunning orchestral backdrop. It can be found on Harry Jay-Steele’s debut album, Boundaries, out now!


Artist: Deryk
Song: Brains

Brains is about “being so fascinated by somebody’s intellect and sense of self that you’d just like to be them for a day, just to experience them from the core and understand.”


Artist: Mina Tindle
Song: Louis

The colourful arrangement of instruments and vocal harmonies make for a subtle, entrancing, stunning piece. You can find on her new album, Sister, out now!


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