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New Music from the Inbox June 18, 2019: Blinker The Star, Widmore, The Elegant Devils, & More!

Artist: Blinker The Star
Song: “Little Superstar”
Careful With Your Magic”
Band location: Pembroke

Why I like it: Relaxing indie rock.


Artist: Widmore
Song: “Has Been”
Album: Single
Band location: Calgary

Why I like it: Emotionally charged metalcore


Artist: The Elegant Devils
Song: “Heartbreaker”
Album: Single
Band location: Ottawa

Why I like it: Classic rock sound


Artist: half•alive
Song: “Runaway”
Album: Single
Band location: Long Beach, California

Why I like it: Quick-paced indie pop


Artist: Nonpoint
Song: “Fix This”
Album: Single
Band location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Why I like it: Energetic alt rock


Artist: Art Nation
Song: Fallen Worlds
Album: Single
Band location: Stockholm, Sweden

Why I like it: Hypnotizing melodic rock


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