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New Music From The Inbox – Podcast! (November 6, 2023): Aesop Rock, Noah Kahan, Half Moon Run, and more! 

Every week, we’re sent dozens if not hundreds of promotional emails from agents, PR firms, and hopeful artists containing the latest releases from around the world. From the biggest superstars to the ambitious self-starters, hosts Mat, Nerhys, and Zoe comb through it all to highlight to each other (and to you) what we’ve been digging, the tunes that caught our eye, and the recommended selections that make the notifications worth it. These are the selections from this week’s episode of New Music From The Inbox – tune in to the full episode to hear our full thoughts on each song!


Song: follow the leader

Album: follow the leader


Artist: Everything Everything

Song: Cold Reactor

Album: Mountainhead


Artist: Yam Haus

Song: So Long

Album: Stupid and Famous


Artist: Aesop Rock

Song: Infinity Fill Goose Down

Album: Integrated Tech Solutions


Artist: Half Moon Run

Song: adore u


Artist: Noah Kahan feat. Kacey Musgraves

Song: She Calls Me Back


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