Radiohead Play “Creep” – So?

It may seem like a big ‘so what?’ to find a band like Radiohead played one of their biggest hits. Until you realize it’s been 7 years since they’ve done it!

Plenty of bands tire of playing their biggest hit, bowing to fans’ pressure by mixing up the arrangement, running through it in a perfunctory fashion or slipping a tease of it into a more recent track. Sometimes, though, they just ignore it for nearly a decade, fan expectations be damned. Radiohead did the latter for nearly seven years with “Creep,” the ka-chunk, chunka rocker from 1992 that helped thrust them into global stardom.

Then, on Monday night, they kicked off their tour in support of A Moon Shaped Pool in Paris by treating the sold-out audience at the La Zenith to a run through “Creep,” the first time they’d played it since an August 2009 show at the Reading Festival. According to Rolling Stone, there were some other droughts broken at the show, including the first performance of “No Surprises” in seven years and the first time in their career they’ve played at least one song from all nine of their studio albums in a single show.

Read more on Billboard.

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One thought on “Radiohead Play “Creep” – So?

  • This is the kind of moment that I would’ve liked to witness first hand. Damn. Are those goosebumps? Why yes, yes they are.


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