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Random Music News for Saturday, March 14, 2015

It’s an extra-special, once in a century Pi Day! It’s 3/14/15.  And if you REALLY want to get geeky, have your pie (that’s what you’re supposed to do) at 9:23:53 am or pm.  (If I have to explain that, you aren’t very mathematical, are you?)

  1. The stories behind 10 conic guitar riffs.
  2. Here are 22 songs that sound more alike than “Blurred Lines” and “Got to Give It Up” do.
  3. And here are 8 songs that hit #1 on Billboard that were accused of plagiarism.
  4. Last year was the best year for British artists at home in the UK since 1997.
  5. We now know what killed Wayne Static of Static-X. Don’t do this, kids.
  6. Did Lee Harvey Oswald use a Fender guitar strap on the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle he used to kill JFK? Did he have a Strat somewhere in that rooming house?
  7. Taylor Swift’s 1989 has outsold her last two albums.
  8. Yes, hipster beards are unhygienic. But you probably had a feeling, right?
  9. Are you a parent experiencing “Frozen fatigue?” You’re not alone.
  10. SXSW is using St. Bernards–yes, dogs–to rescue dying cell phones.
  11. Jay Z held an Illuminati meeting about taking on Spotify and Rdio.
  12. What happened to the old Gypsy orchestras of Europe?

Finally, some pi stats from Larry:

“The first million decimal places of Pi are comprised of:
99,959 0’s
99,758 1’s
100,026 2’s
100,229 3’s
100,230 4’s
100,359 5’s
99,548 6’s
99,800 7’s
99,985 8’s
100,106 9’s”
— David Blatner, The Joy of Pi

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