Random Music News for Thursday, May 4, 2017

Star Wars Day! May the fourth be with you. And now, the music news for May 4.

  1. Kevin Garcia, co-founder and bass player for Grandaddy, has died at age 41 as the result of a stroke.
  2. Col. Bruce Hampton, the “godfather of the jam band,” has died after collapsing onstage.
  3. Hang on. Might there be a Led Zeppelin reunion after all? For Desert Trip II maybe? Read this and speculate wildly. (Via Tom)
  4. Having trouble finding cool new songs on SoundCloud? They’ve got a new thing called “The Upload” which uses machine learning to help you.
  5. Here’s a deep dive into Record Store Day sales.
  6. This is fantastic: Fyre Festival organizers are offering tickets to next year’s show in lieu of refunds.
  7. Interesting insight: Why we may soon be hearing even more retro music when it comes to marketing.
  8. A couple of Australian nightclub promoters have been jailed for nine years for trying to smuggle $60 million in drugs out of the country.
  9. Now that Girls is done, Lena Dunham is directing music videos.
  10. Rise Against tried to film a video for their new single “The Violence” but were shut down because the premise was “anti-American.”
  11. Even the Garbage Pail Kids are piling on the disaster that was the Fyre Festival.
  12. Insanely, Fyre Festival lawyers are threatening to sue some of the concert goers that got ripped off.
  13. Are reports that the music industry has rebounded true? Maybe not.
  14. Stream ripping is a big area when it comes to piracy. It has the attention of the US Government now.
  15. A Cree singer from Northern Manitoba got some attention on The Tonight Show the other thing. (That’s another one from Tom.)
  16. This vet serenades dogs before surgery.
  17. Are festivals running out of big headliners? Maybe.
  18. What was it like to see a band at CBGB in 1976? Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore remembers.
  19. What if you could unlock your phone with a string of emoji? Maybe soon.

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