Someone Slipped a Whole Bunch of Fake Albums into a Record Store

One of the most famous record stores in Nashville is Ernest Tubbs, a venerable institution in the heart of the Broadway strip. Here’s a tip: do NOT ever go into the store and ask for anything from the Good Old Boys. You will probably be thrown out.

Background: Over the years, a group of us have made it a habit of going into the store looking for any recordings from the fake band in The Blues Brothers. Who’s ever at the counter doesn’t seem to find that funny.

It got worse when one of us made up a separator card for the CD racks that read “Good Old Boys.” When he took it to the counter. “Excuse me, sir,” he said, handing over the card, “You seem to be out of Good Old Boys. Do you have any in the back?” Let’s just say this was a bad move on his part.

But the project continues. I was given the stink-eye this past September when I made my most recent visit. I’m sure a bunch of us now have pictures up on the wall in the office with the note “DO NOT LET THESE MORONS INTO THE STORE!”

This explains our amusement at this story about how a bunch of guys seeded a record store with fake releases. Genius. (Via Mashable)


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One thought on “Someone Slipped a Whole Bunch of Fake Albums into a Record Store

  • February 9, 2017 at 10:18 am

    I used to make fake header cards in my store. Blind Lemon Pye (from the Rutles) was one. Nothing as awesome as these!


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