Update: Still More Trouble for Trump When It Comes to Finding Performers for His Inauguration

Trump’s people are really struggling to find someone to perform at his inauguration on January 20. Why? Because playing such an event will be a political statement with potentially massive repercussions. The Guardian looks at the situation:

Howard Bragman, chairman of Fifteen Minutes Public Relations, echoes that sentiment. While he hasn’t been involved in inauguration planning, Bragman has advised a laundry list of high-profile celebrity clients over the years and knows the insight he’d offer if they were asked to perform. “In the past, one could say: ‘He’s the president,’” suggests Bragman. “But I’d tell a client who was asked that this one is different. In our politically charged world, performing for Trump is a political statement, and if one chooses to perform they should go in with their eyes wide open.” (Continue reading)

Meanwhile, Trump’s people are downplaying any issues. From Politico:

Donald Trump’s inaugural committee is having no problems finding celebrities to attend his inauguration because that’s not who the committee is looking for, Trump adviser Boris Epshteyn said Tuesday.

“Not at all,” Epshteyn, the inaugural committee communications director, told CNN. “You know, this is not Woodstock. It’s not Summer Jam. It’s not a concert. It’s not about celebrities. As Donald Trump tweeted himself, it’s about the people. That’s what we’re concentrated on.”

Indeed, the president-elect tweeted last week that “so-called ‘A’ list celebrities are all wanting tixs to the inauguration” but stressed that he wants the everyday Americans who supported his campaign to attend.

Let’s review the requests.

  • Elton John: No
  • Celine Dion: “A hard pass.”
  • Garth Brooks: No.
  • John Legend: No
  • Motley Crue (Well, Vince Neil, anyway): No
  • Ice T (Seriously. He claims that he got a call): No
  • KISS: “Politely decline.”
  • Andrea Bocelli: Pulled out after a threat of a fan boycott.
  • Bruno Mars: No
  • Katy Perry: HELL, no
  • David Foster: No
  • Justin Timberlake: No
  • Joe Walsh: Even if he was asked, he’d say no.
  • Washington DC-area high school marching bands: No

So who did say yes? Well, 16 year-old Jackie Evancho (someone from America’s Got Talent), the Rockettes and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. But just hold on a second.

Not all the Rockettes are on board. One dancer says she is “embarrassed” and “disappointed” as part of an Instagram rant. Meanwhile, there’s a Change.org petition asking that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir pull out. LOVE the comment section, too.

Of course, Trump is tweeting about this.

Hey, Donald may have to default to Kid Rock and Ted Nugent, the only two celebs who don’t seem to be concerned about being blackballed/ostracised by fans.  Then again, they’re not exactly appropriate for an all-ages state-sponsored event, though, right? And Alec Baldwin has offered to sing “Highway to Hell,” but I have a feeling that won’t happen.

This story is only gonna get better…

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