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Stockholm Syndrome drops with Cool TikTok Video Art

Chris Caulfield dropped his new single Stockholm Syndrome with some interesting video artwork. It’s called a “monotype painting” and was done in collaboration with gifted Brazilian visual artist, Natalia Francischini. Check it out below.


Well… it wasn’t supposed to drop for a couple of weeks still but Stockholm Syndrome is now live where you listen! Check out the #artwork shots!

♬ Stockholm Syndrome by Chris Caulfield – Chris Caulfield
Stockholm Syndrome

This type of artwork originates from the “Gutenberg Press” days of the middle ages. It’s a monotype painting, a printing technique similar to etching and lithography. Unlike these other types, no wood or metal is used, so once the design is transferred to paper and the work is photographed, nothing remains on the support. Once paper is placed on top and work begins, the work transforms into something else. That brief, beautiful moment in time became the artwork for my new single, the first off my upcoming new project (title TBA). I collaborated with a gifted Brazilian visual artist, Natalia Francischini, who you see here printing manually using a wooden spoon”

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Chris Caulfield

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