A Taste Test of 20 Rock’n’Roll Beers from Worst to Best

God bless Loudwire for taking on this difficult task.  We appreciate the sacrifice, guys.  Full coverage (including tasting notes) can be found here.

20. Badass American Lager (Kid Rock)

19. Bastards Lager (Motorhead)

18. Destroyer (KISS)

17. Australian Hardrock (AC/DC)

16. Sepultura Weizen (Sepultura)

15. GWAR Beer (Gwar)

14. Razor Hoof (High on Fire)

13. Trooper Ale (Iron Maiden)

12. Black Tongue (Mastodon)

11. Faithfull Ale (Pearl Jam)

10. Kluskap O’Korn (Korn)

9. Lips of Faith (Clutch)

8. Iron Swan Ale (The Sword)

7. The Hunter (Mastodon again)

6. Immutable Dusk (Pelican)

5. Ragnarok (Amom Amarth)

4. In the Name of Suffering (Eyehategod)

3. The Creeper (More from Pelican)

2. Toxic Revolution (Municipal Waste)

1. Permanent Funeral (Pig Destroyer)








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