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This song about OJ Simpson hasn’t aged well

OJ Simpson died yesterday (April 12) of cancer with most of the world still thinking he was a killer. This song, entitled “OJ Simpson (Will Never Die)” from an ancient vinyl release has not aged well. (I wish Norm MacDonald had been around to see this.) (Via Tom)

BONUS: This is from yesterday’s edition of the Popbitch newsletter:

“Now there’s zero chance of OJ suing for libel, we’ll be interested to see if any other celebrities come forward and lend any credence to the curious theory that Sharon Osbourne used to have about that fateful night.

“Back in the Osbournes’ MTV heyday, Sharon claimed that she and Ozzy stopped doing drugs after Nicole Simpson was murdered because OJ and Nicole were their dealers. According to her, the couple had carved out a nice little niche for themselves as suppliers of gak to the Hollywood A-list but their dealing led to unwelcome attention from local organised criminals, who eventually put out a hit on them to stop the enterprise.

“The reason OJ jumped in his Bronco and fled? Sharon’s theory was that he was off his head when the hitman took out Nicole and, in his paranoid state, figured they would be after him too.”

BONUS BONUS: Remember this Jay-Z hit from 2017?

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  • Maybe check out Obscurist Vinyl on Instagram. It’s a parody page. An often inappropriate, but highly amusing parody page.


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