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A Few Thoughts on Music Formats and Music Media

What’s your preferred format of music? CDs? Vinyl? Digital files? Streams? A little bit of each, maybe? And once you start drilling deeper, things get even more complicated. HD/Hi-Res audio. Neil Young’s Pono system. Are you a fan of albums or do you prefer to acquire all your music a la carte? And where are things headed in the future?

These are just some of the questions raised in this article at

If you’re actively using a screen, music competes with everything else that screen can do — and these days, that’s a lot. You’re lucky if people listen to music at all anymore, and the most you can usually hope for is that they have it on in the background while doing some other activity that doesn’t provide its own audio. The most important music-discovery platform in the world is YouTube.So I can see why people in the music business might think it’s important to make and sell interactive, multimedia music formats (what decade is this?) to compete, but I don’t think they stand a chance. Every trend in music is going in the opposite direction.

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