Who’s Behind These Mysterious Cassettes?

Imagine this: you go to the mailbox one day to find an envelope containing and old-school cassette. The only information you have is a handwritten label that says “Just press play.”

trans-violet (1)

Several WTF thoughts go through your mind.

  1. Who sent me this?
  2. How did they get my address?
  3. Is it say to “just press play” or is something going to blow up Mission Impossible-style?
  4. And if it is safe, what will I hear?

This is actually happening to a select group of people who seem (as far as I know) are completed unconnected. Talk about being at the intersection of creepy and cool, right?

But what’s this? Another handwritten note that advises the recipient that if they don’t have a cassette player–a very distinct possibility in the 2010’s–they can just perform a visual Shazam of the cassette. That’s reasonably sophisticated. That’s major label sophisticated.

Owners of the new cassettes took to the Interwebs in an attempt to solve the riddle. What’s going on? And someone must have uploaded the contents of the cassette somewhere so we can all listen, right? Absolutely.

So who’s Transviolet? They’re an LA band who sound like they’ve been listening to a lot of Lana Del Rey.

Trans Violet

So what’s this campaign all about and who masterminded it? Read the rest at Digital Music News.

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