10 Sites and Apps to Discover New Music

How do you discover new music? Radio? Spotify? YouTube?

However you do it, there are plenty of ways to discover new music. Here is a list of ten lesser-known sites and apps whose entrepreneurs have created clever platforms.

cmd.to FM

The interface might look a little retro, but you get to discover new tunes from curated playlists. Type in commands to play music and it seems to all come from SoundCloud.


Get a playlist by simply inputting a single song. It’s an easy way to get some music to listen to.


It’s like the Instagram of music discovering. Cymbal is a social media network that is easy to use and encourages users to keep using the app.


Sourcing from Soundcloud, users select the most important 30 seconds of a song, called a trbble, and share it for other users. It’s also a social media-type platform that allows users to like trbbles. Playbacks and upvotes are shown on user profiles

A Song A Day

Incredibly easy and perfect for people who passively discover new music. Just input your email, select your preferred genres, and get daily recommendations in your inbox.


Discover popular and trending music on SoundCloud, with algorithm-created charts.


Each playlist is curated by expert and influential DJs from a variety of cities. Each playlist consists of 22 tracks and you can save your favourites to your own 22 song playlist.


Watch DJs livestream their sets or rewatch one after.


Using a ranking system to find trending tracks on SoundCloud then presents 99 of them to the user.


Start with one genre, select a second where you want to end up and then the app creates a playlist that builds from the first to the second. You can also edit various aspects of the playlist.

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