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Are we approaching peak podcast? Maybe. Look how many are being created.

According to a report yesterday in RAIN, podcasts continue to multiply faster than most bacteria.

In 2013, 335,000 new podcasts went online. Last year, about a million debuted. And as of today, a little more than halfway through 2021, another 513,000 have been added already. If things continue on this trajectory, 2021 will see the debut of an additional one million podcasts. This translates into about 2.5 million podcasts and 190 million episodes. Now you know why you can never get caught up.

Yes, this is a product of the pandemic–if you’re locked at home, why not start a podcast–but it’s also an indication of the demand for this kind of audio entertainment.

The greatest number of podcasts are in English followed by Spanish and then surprisingly, Portuguese. The leading podcast country is the US–they’re way out on front–with Brazil in second spot, Indonesia in third, then Germany, and then France.

The main host? Anchor, which is the Spotify-owned podcast platform, is home to 1.4 million shows and holds about 56% of the podcast market.

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One thought on “Are we approaching peak podcast? Maybe. Look how many are being created.

  • How many of those podcasts over the Pandemic were a) not hosted by famous celebrities or ex-Presidents or b) not a “Shocking” True Crime series?


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