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Blame the victims: Survivors of the Route 91 Festival SUED after last year’s Las Vegas massacre

This is cold, even for the coldest-blooded of all shark-like lawyers.

The company that owns the site of the Route 91 Harvest Festival–the event that saw 58 people killed by sniper Stephen Paddock and hundreds more injured–has filed lawsuits against more than a thousand people.

Huh? What? What did these people do? Stood up for themselves, that’s what.

As you’d expect, a number of concert-goers have filed lawsuits against MGM Resorts (the owner of the Mandalay Bay Hotel from which Paddock fired from his 32nd floor room0, Live Nation (the promoter) and Paddock’s estate.

MGM Resorts is fighting back with its own lawsuits, saying that it has no liability in the issue because of the security measures it put in place for the festival.

Huh? What?

The company is hanging its position on some 2002 legislation that protects companies from things like terrorist attacks if they use “anti-terrorism” technology or anything else that “help[s] prevent and respond to mass violence.” Since the Route 91’s security company, Contemporary Services Corp, has been certified by the US Department of Homeland Security, then MGM did all they were required to do and thus blameless in the shootings.

MGM isn’t asking for any money from this litigation. They’re just trying to protect its ass against lawsuits from the victims’ families and survivors. It’s all about avoiding liability in the largest mass shooting in US history.

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One thought on “Blame the victims: Survivors of the Route 91 Festival SUED after last year’s Las Vegas massacre

  • Why is anyone surprised. It’s only about 2 things today, power and money. If you have one you want the other. If you’ve got both then you’re Donald Trump.


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