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Celebrate Led Zeppelin’s 50th Anniversary with a Custom Playlist

Led Zeppelin, the eponymous debut album from the former “New Yardbirds” that redefined blues rock while acting as a precursor to heavy metal first came out in the US on the twelfth day of January, 1969.

It is one of the most revered catalogues in music, one that the band themselves is giving its fans that span across multiple generations the opportunity to manipulate and put a personal stamp on through a new website commemorating Led Zeppelin’s momentous occasion. So much for Keith Moon’s comment way back when about how they’d go over like a lead balloon, huh?

Not that you couldn’t already do this of course, but now you can add a cool logo with your name on it! Jack White and Royal Blood are two artists who have already given the playlist creator a whirl and as the ROCKthusiast who’s always wanted to see Led Zeppelin in concert, I figure I should add my own two curation cents too (leaning more heavily on live material).

Think you can come up with something even more rocking? Go to and start choosing from all eight of their expanded album editions, plus extra goodies such as The Song Remains the Same and How the West Was Won – Be sure to make use of the search function to see what other song surprises you may find!

Gilles LeBlanc

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  • Read the fine print!! You have to give them full access to your Spotify account including the ability to add and edit playlists plus access you listening history, who you follow, etc..

    No thanks


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