Dexter Holland of the Offspring Has Issues with His Plane

Those who know Dexter understand his obsession with aircraft.  This is a guy who flew solo around the world in his own jet–and that’s just one of the planes he owns. Er, owned.

Now, though, he’s run into trouble with the people at Cessna regarding some payments–or rather, lack of payments–for a plane he bought from them a long time ago.

Court documents say that Jet Racers, Inc.–Dexter’s company–owes Cessna $782,422.53 (including interest of $31,887.04 and late fees of $15,740.69).  According to TMZ, Dexter couldn’t make payments on this newest plane–his third–and offered to sell it, putting up two other aircraft (an Aero Vodochody from the Czech Republic and an American-built Mooney M20R, pictured below) as collateral.


When he sold that Cessna for less than he owed for it, he signed a new loan on the two remaining planes and the outstanding balance on the now-departed Cessna.  The terms were 71 monthly payments of $8,726 with a final payment of $395,244,26.

But then for some reason, Dexter stopped making payments in April 2013.  Cessna now wants to repossess everything.

Could explain the Offspring is heading out on tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Smash, doesn’t it?  Not very fly for fly guy, either.


Alan Cross

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