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Do You Download Music? Does Your ISP Screw with That?

This comes from sister website Geeks&Beats:

The Federal Communications Commission did more than just vote to protect equal access to Internet broadband speed when it moved forward with historic, wide-reaching Net Neutrality regulations in February. It codified regulations prohibiting ISPs from throttling connection speeds to certain services, like video websites, unless the companies behind those websites paid big bucks for smoother, faster connections. The FCC had to address throttling in part because Comcast has admitted extorting serious cash from Netflix several years ago, disrupting Netflix service unless that company paid what amounts to a toll for uninterrupted speeds.

Technically the FCC’s regs don’t go into effect until June 12—a date that could be postponed should a judge side with any of the 10 or more lawsuits filed against the FCC trying to prevent the new rules from applying—but are companies acting above board now, just in case?

Fight for the Future, an Internet freedom advocacy group, has developed a speed test to determine where a given ISP is messing with connectivity speeds.

There’s a test you can do. Continue reading for the link.

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